Rbot Introduction

rbot is a ruby IRC bot. Think of him as a ruby bot framework with a highly modular design based around plugins.

By default he behaves a lot like an infobot. See more RbotFeatures, or perhaps an ExampleSession.

You can also have a look at the following pages:

Stable rbot: 0.9.15

rbot version 0.9.15 is out!

Please note that these packages do not contain .mo files (localized strings): to generate them, you need to run rake makemo.

Downloadable Current Snapshot

You can download the current source tree from here. Just unpack the downloaded archive and use ./launch_here.rb to launch rbot.

Development rbot

rbot development happens on a  git repository at  git://ruby-rbot.org/rbot.git (/gitweb/). Current development version is pretty stable and solves lots of issues which are present in 0.9.10 and 0.9.15, also providing lots of new exciting features. Download a copy of the repository with

 git clone git://ruby-rbot.org/rbot.git

and you can launch the bot from the git checkout directory by using the launch_here.rb script in the resulting rbot directory.

When you want to update to the latest version you can run

 git pull

from the rbot git checkout directory.

If you have custom changes on your tree, you might want to use the commands

 git fetch
 git rebase origin

instead. Here are some further instructions on how you can help us with rbot development.

Rbot IRC channel

You can also join #rbot on irc.freenode.net if you want to get in touch with other rbot users or developers.

Rbot support group

A  Google group for rbot is available.

Rbot plugins

Rbot ships with a few plugins. More can be found  on this site.

Stale rbot

0.9.10 is the last packaged version of rbot, and if you want it you can get it in one of these forms: